download your copy of “interpretationes hebraicorum nominum” now / descarga tu copia de “interpretationes hebraicorum nominum” ahora.

El archivo se encuentra al final del post. /The .xls file is at the end of this post.

First, this is an summary for our English-speaking readers:

(Para más detalles en español, chequeen los siguientes enlaces:)
(For the original research, check the links below:)

During the fourth session of the Council of Trent, dated April the 8th 1546, the canon of the books of the bible was established. However, when you compare the list of approved books with older versions of the vulgate bible, you notice something: some books and sections are missing, specially “the list of the interpretations of the hebrew names” (or “listado de interpretaciones de los nombres hebreos”).

This list was included in the vulgate bible versions of the middle ages, and it was also available as a separated handbook. And, what’s the special thing about this list anyway? Well, we are going to use it in order to decode the bible. Pay attention to this: each and everyone of the names included in this list has its own meaning, sometimes more than one. In fact, we are able to clarify the meanings of verses, chapters, books and the bible as a whole with that list.


Ahora vamos al tema principal: / Now let’s get to the main stuff:

Acá está la Vulgata más antigua que encontramos disponible en internet, la cual incluye el listado de interpretaciones de los nombres hebreos. Esta biblia proviene de Francia, redactada aproximadamente entre los años 1235-1240/ On the next link you will see the oldest Vulgate bible we could find in the net, which includes the list of interpretations of the hebrew names. Its origin: France, circa 1235-1240.

Sin embargo, la resolución de las imágenes es muy pobre para el uso que le daremos. / However, the resolution of the scanned images doesn’t work well for our purposes.

vulgata 1235-1240 2 vulgata 1235-1240 1

Así que hemos recopilado los nombres proveniente de las tres biblias siguientes, las más legibles, completas y antiguas que encontramos: /
So, for our biblical study, we compiled the names from three different sources, the best we could find. And these are as follows:

Biblia Vulgata manuscrita del siglo XV / Manuscript Vulgate from early fifteenth century

Biblia Vulgata de 1484 o “biblia de Gutenberg” / Vulgate from 1484, also known as “Gutenberg bible”

Biblia Vulgata de 1476 /Vulgate from 1476

Luego de muchas horas de trabajo y revisión, ya tenemos listo el siguiente archivo para que lo descarguen. Ahí hay 5,565 nombres con los cuales descifraremos la bibla. /After many hours of hard work and cheking over and checking over, finally, we present to you the next file so you can
download it. We are going to use the 5,565 names included in this .xls file in order to decode the bible.

interpretationes hebraicorum nominum 1400s 1476 1484

Es cierto que el listado está redactado en latín, pero no se preocupen. Poco a poco lo descodificaremos y descubriremos muchas cosas, literalmente. /
The list is written in Latin, but don’t worry. This is a step-by-step research and we will decode the names in its due course. And also we will discover, literally speaking, many hidden things.

10 thoughts on “download your copy of “interpretationes hebraicorum nominum” now / descarga tu copia de “interpretationes hebraicorum nominum” ahora.

  1. Hello , It has been months since I have posted anything at , here or any other affiliated sites. I have been studying intensely and have learned so very much and must thank you all for helping me to understand all of this. As stated long ago, I come from a very long line of confused southern baptists. I knew from early on in my childhood that something was wrong and rarely wentto any church functions with family. I was always looked upon by them as one wwho’s faith was very weak. How wrong they have been for over fifty years. I do not know how I knew, but I did and always put together many teachings for my family from their beloved KJV to show them that there is no possible way that this jehova or whatever one calls him could ever be a true GOD. They could never refute my teachings but just told me that I just do not know the Father or CHRIST. Therefore, I could never go listen to the nonsense they were so pleased to hear. Then I found and sister sites that have taught me everything that I always suspected but could never actually prove. I struggled for over two years to find someone to baptize me properly but there is no one. Finally , I baptized myself according to instruction found on What a relief. I made my own rosary as I could not find anything in any catholic gift shops that were not heretical in some form or another. I wear it , pray it and have been shown so much just for the asking. My family totally rejects me now for being a traditional catholic. They hate us don’t they? They hate truth. Anyhow I am trying very hard to study the vulgate for some time now, almost a year. My biggest hurdle has been to find a non corrupted Latin translator or dictionary. These filthy , lying masons have their hands everywhere. What is a trusted app for mobile device or a worthy dictionary to seek for download or purchase? I can be reached at for a response. Please help me with an answer. It is almost impossible to trust anything available on this subject. Bless all of you for your dedicated work at bringing the truth to us. Thank you, waiting impatiently (I know you all are very busy though) for reply. Jeff Turner port st. Lucie, florida

      • thank you, very familiar with site. I have found I have encountered problems with Google translator. This is why I do not trust it. Maybe it is something I do not understand about the Latin. It is very suspect though which is why I do not trust it. I can never deny the unexainable events at Fatima, no one can which is why they are suppressed. They are TRUTH…PLAIN AND SIMPLE. So let me give an example of my findings and possibly you can explain them, maybe not. Using the above references Google translator please do the following: search Spiritum Sanctum in every possible way.Upper case, lower case . search the two words seperate in same fashion. Do same with Spiritus Sanctus. Reverse translator from Latin to English to English to Latin. observe conflicting results you receive. You will notice that overall you will get default of holy spirit. I have two pages of notated results from this translator in regard to this subject and something is very wrong. Please do this carefully and notate findings and you will see what I am telling you here. I have done same with other phrases in both directions, English to Latin and Latin to English. For example Holy Ghost, sancti spiritus, spiritus sancti, spiritu sancto, spiritus sanctus, spiritum sanctus, spiritus sanctum and on and on. Please do as I request. I have searched this up and down, in , out, sideways , reverse, individually, Latin to English, English to Latin etc. I get conflict. I do not trust it. Please do it and either explain my ignorance or understand what I am showing you. This means everything to me, please help me. Thank you , Jeff

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