An special request to God Jesus Christ

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Douai Rheims vs King James vs Vulgata, a biblical study.

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Welcome back, dear English-speaking readers!

This time I would like you to download this .docx file.Let’s play Who are the lords hidden on the bible

You will find key passages of the bible, on which the text of the Douai Rheims version is compared with the King James Bible (both in English) and the Vulgata (on Latin). If you find hard to read on Latin, let me tell you the Douai Rheims version used in this document is a well done translation from the Vulgata Latina. Check the differences and I will expect your opinions, you can write them on this blog or at the Fatima Movement webpage.

Let’s pray for our enemies: Benjamin Netanyahu

Let’s pray for the enemies of the Catholic Church in order to stop their influence. Remember, Jacob’s ladder is sinking into the pit of fire. Now is the turn of Benjamin Netanyahu.