Otto Bardenhewer and his works

“Bertram Otto Bardenhewer (Mönchengladbach, 16 March 1851 – Munich, 23 March 1935) was a German Catholic patrologist. His “Geschichte der altkirchlichen Literatur” (History of the Early Church literature) is a standard work, re-issued in 2008. For Bardenhewer, a patrologist was not a literary historian of the Church Fathers, but a historian of dogmatic definitions. The scientific importance of Bardenhewer was particularly for his work in the field of patrology.”


“He was educated at the University of Bonn (Ph.D., 1873) and the University of Würzburg, and in 1879 became privat-docent of theology at the University of Munich. In 1884 he accepted a call to Münster as professor of Old Testament. Two years later he returned to Munich, as a professor for New Testament exegesis and Biblical hermeneutics, a position he held to 1924.”

Scientific achievements
“Although Bardenhewer, during his scientific career, has always been active as an exegete and also works in the field of Mariology were published, his scientific importance is based solely on his work in the field of Patrology. In 1894 in Herder Verlag in Freiburg im Breisgau his single-volume textbook “Patrology” was published. On 1901 and 1910, his work was republished and appeared translated into French, Italian, English and Spanish. Already in the preface of the first edition of his “Patrology” Bardenhewer announced that he will submit a detailed description of the early church literature. His project began by 1902-1931 in the five-volume work “Geschichte der altkirchlichen Literatur”(History of the Early Church literature). Both the “Patrology” and his five-volume opus treat in chronological order of life, writings and teachings of the Church Fathers combined with a breakdown by languages and regions. In particular, the importance of his “History of the early church literature”  relies on its enormous wealth of detail, which remained unequaled until now, and is still of considerable scientific value.”

Patrology (on English Language, 1908)

Patrologie (on German Language, 1894)
Patrologie (on German Language, 1901)

The history of the interpretation of the name Mary (Der Name Maria: Geschichte der Deutung desselben, on German Language, 1896)

“Geschichte der altkirchlichen Literatur”(History of the Early Church literature, books on German Language)

Volume 1: From Apostolic age until the end of the second century (1902)

Volume 2: From the end of the second century to the beginning of the fourth century (1902)
Volume 2: From the end of the second century to the beginning of the fourth century (1913)

Volume 3: The fourth century with the exclusion of writers of syrian language (1902)

Volume 4: the fifth century with inclusion of syrian literature of the fourth century (1913)

Volume 5: the last period of literature of the early church with inclusion of armenian elders literature (1913)ón al público de don otto