Adrian Fortescue and his works

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Adrian Fortescue, a direct descendant of the Blessed Adrian Fortescue (d. 1539, a Knight of Malta, by the way), was born on 14 January 1874 in Hampstead, London, into a Midland county family of ancient lineage and high position.His father was Rev. Edward Fortescue, a renowned High Church Anglican clergyman who was “highly regarded as a preacher and retreat master” and an active participant in the Anglo-Catholic Oxford Movement. His mother, Gertrude Martha Robins, was the daughter of Rev. Sanderson Robins, another Anglican clergyman, and Caroline Gertrude Foster-Barham, the scion of the Foster-Barham family of Jamaican plantantion owners and granddaughter of the 8th Earl of Thanet.

The best-known of Fortescue’s publications during his lifetime was Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, which he actually wrote not out of academic interest but to raise funds for construction on his church. He also contributed many articles to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1907–1913), and it is in this context that his work has the most public familiarity today.

Works and links.

The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described (new impresion of the second edition,1920)

The Mass, a study of the Roman Liturgy (second edition)
1912, link below:
1914, link below:

The Orthodox Eastern Church (1908, second edition)

The Lesser Eastern Churches (1913)

The Greek Fathers (1908)

Donatism (1917)

adrian fortescue 02


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