MONOTHEISM and the WESTERN PATHOLOGY, by Dhirendra Nath Shastri


Even though it was written from a pro-eastern point of view, is a book that links the pagan roots of the abrahamic religions and their influence on capitalism and communism (especially the hidden jewish hand)

Remember: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

Here is the link to the book so you can download it.

MONOTHEISM and the western pathology

Index (first goes the page, then the title):

Part 1: Judaism
003 Judaism or the mosaic distinction
006 Atenism and the jewish tradition
009 The covenant of Israel and the “Promised Land”
012 The hebrews in Egypt: slaves or invaders?
015 The emergence of Yahwism-Adonism
017 The mount Sinai massacre and the mosaic deception
019 The Egyptian origin of the laws of Moses
031 The replacement cult
038 The god of Israel and the Sun-God Shamash
040 The ark of the god of Israel
042 The menorah
044 The pre-biblical design and function of the jewish temple
047 God Yahweh and his wife
049 The levite conspiracy
051 The monotheistic delusion
053 Angels and gods
054 God and the world
059 Idols vs the ark
060 From religion to counter-religion
060 Israel’s “holy war” as a manifestation of the abrahamic pathology
066 The first destruction of the temple and the failure of Israel
068 The mosaic distinction and the israelite guilt
079 The persian-israelite alliance
081 The zealots and the second destruction of the temple

Part 2: Christianity
087 Christianity and the clash of civilizations
090 Nag Hamadi: the truth revealed
091 Jesus and Joshua
096 Inventing Jesus
101 Joshua and the jewish dream
105 From Egypt to Rome
110 Conclusion

Part 3: Islam
117 Islam: the third replacement religion
120 The judaeo-christian origins of Islam
125 The self-made prophet
130 The rise of islam
132 The apologetic nature of the Koran
140 The myth of islamic civilization
148 Understanding islamic tactics
161 Islam and its unwitting allies

Part 4: Capitalism
167 Capitalism and global empire
168 The rise of capitalism and the decline of the peasantry
172 The rise of colonialism
173 The british empire
175 The East India Company and the British Raj
178 Resistance to empire
181 Financing an empire
187 The cultural backlash
192 The rise of european nationalism
194 Imagining the british-german conflict
196 The first world war (1914-1918)
198 The rise of German National Socialism
201 Nationalism vs communism
203 Marxism and the “jewish conspiracy”
213 National Socialism and anti-semitism
228 The second world war
244 Japan’s struggle against the west
247 The italian contribution
249 The aryan question
252 The New World Order
261 The capitalist-islamist alliance
269 US Capitalism and islam

Part 5: Communism
276 Communism or the new imperialism
285 Communism and democracy
288 The fraudulence of the russian revolution
294 The Great Terror
301 The missing millions
306 Communism’s “economic wonder”
312 The end of Stalinism
314 The Khruschev era
319 Afghanistan and the fall of the Soviet Empire
323 Gorbachev and the return to capitalism
329 Communism in China
334 Communism vs Nationalism
337 The fraudulence of Maoism
340 Mao’s war on farmers
345 The maoist war on religion
348 China’s return to capitalism
352 Maoism in India and Nepal
357 The capitalis-socialist-marxist conspiracy
374 Countryside vs City
379 Revolution and counter-revolution

3 thoughts on “MONOTHEISM and the WESTERN PATHOLOGY, by Dhirendra Nath Shastri

  1. There is NO salvation inside the Catholic church aka. The Church of the anti-Christ. Look at all the symbols that are in and around the Vatican, its all of Pagan nature. And the Catholic church is so full of blasphemy that i can not believe that you guys can not see it??? Do not repent to any man and do NOT call him Father! Please…

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