Missal from 10th Century

It’s interesting what you can find on a library these days…

This is a missal from Central or Northern Italy, dated 1st half of 10th century (that is, 900-950)


General features (many on German and Latin)

Plenarmissale – BSB Clm 3005
Alternative Title: Missale plenum (Andechser Missale)
Description: Missale plenum per circulum anni. – Historische Notizen des 14. Jhs. (an den Rändern oder auf Rasur), Einschübe
Date: 901; Part of: Early 10th century; From: 01-01-0901 — To: 31-12-0901
Date of creation: 1. Hälfte 10. Jh.
Type: Illuminierte Handschrift

More info:

Physical condition (original in German):
Parchment, 217 pp., 32.5 x 24.5-25 cm, often even smaller, since the edge pieces cut layers II, IV 2, IV-1, III, IV, IV-1, IV2, IV + 1, 3 III , III-1, III III + 1, 4 IV, IV and enclosed therein (IV + 1) + (III), IV, III 2, II-1, IV, IV-1, IV-1, IV; some with loss of text; Canon is missing. 23.5 to 28.5 x 18.5 to 19 cm mirror writing. 2 columns, lines 23-34. Carolingian minuscule by several hands F. 173-178 in the 11th century. Inserted. Various Missaletext the question  simultaneous and later additions, other entries (neumes, name). See BISCHOFF with ref AWARD DOCUMENT: Headings most often very wild in Zierrustika or Zierunziale.

More info:

How to download it:

First enter this webpage:


Then select the option “download” (you will see it inside the red rectangle)

misal siglo X Imagen1

Then fill in the blanks as shown on the next image

misal siglo X Imagen2

After the process is done, you can download the .pdf file created.

misal siglo X Imagen3

Some samples:

misal siglo X detalles Imagen1

misal siglo X detalles Imagen2

misal siglo X detalles Imagen3

misal siglo X detalles Imagen4


misal siglo X detalles Imagen5

misal siglo X detalles Imagen6


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