First #Pizzagate, Now #Twittergate: Twitter Suspends User After She Exposes Over 20,000 Child Porn Linked Accounts

News For The Blind

By Stefanie MacWilliams of Planet Free Will

Earlier this week, we reported some happenings regarding #Pizzagate. Now, we have something that is being referred to as #Twittergate.

The two ‘gates’ have something in common: they both involve the alleged sexual abuse of children and child pornography. Whatever happened to the days when “sex scandal” meant sleeping with someone who isn’t your wife?

Yesterday [Nov 21], a twitter user by the name Molly tweeted that she had found a huge ring of child-porn accounts. She began tweeting out the names of the accounts and asking her followers to report them to Twitter.

Soon, she had enough for a massive google doc of 23,000 accounts, including over 500 with their exact geographical location. She was offered financial bribes to remove information from her master list, but declined.

In a Reddit AMA, Molly insists that she has properly vetted the information and that she…

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