Born in blood, the lost secrets of freemasonry. By John J. Robinson.

“John J. Robinson (c.1918-1996) was an American author and historian, best known as the author of Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry, He is also credited as being the “founding visionary” of the Masonic Information Center run by the Masonic Service Association of North America.[1] He was a member of the Medieval Academy of America, the Organization of American Historians, and the Royal Over-Seas League of London.”[1]

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The book is divided in two parts, as follows:


CHAPTER 1: The Urge To Kill 3
CHAPTER 2: “For Now Is Tyme To Be War” 17
CHAPTER 3: “Whether Justly or Out of Hate” 37
CHAPTER 4: “First, and Above All … The Destruction of… the Hospitallers” 46
CHAPTER 5: The Knights of the Temple 63
CHAPTER 6: The Last Grand Master 79
CHAPTER 7: “The Hammer of the Scots” 99
CHAPTER 8: Four Vicars of Christ 116
CHAPTER 9: “Spare No Known Means of Torture” 127
CHAPTER 10: “No Violent Effusions of Blood” 144
CHAPTER 11: Men on the Run 159

Prologue 173
CHAPTER 12: The Birth of Grand Lodge 175
CHAPTER 13: In Search of the Medieval Guilds 188
CHAPTER 14: “To Have My Throat Cut Across” 201
CHAPTER 15: “My Breast Tom Open, My Heart Plucked Out” 210
CHAPTER 16: The Master Mason 215
CHAPTER 17: Mystery in Language 224
CHAPTER 18: Mystery in Allegory and Symbols 235
CHAPTER 19: Mystery in Bloody Oaths 246
CHAPTER 20: Mystery in Religious Convictions 255
CHAPTER 21: Evidence in the Legend of Hiram Abiff 269
CHAPTER 22: Monks into Masons 277
CHAPTER 23: The Protestant Pendulum 291
CHAPTER 24: The Manufactured Mysteries 305
CHAPTER 25: The Unfinished Temple of Solomon 325

Appendix: “Humanum Genus” 345
Bibliography 360
Index 366


Babylonian Talmud on German

Lazarus Goldschmidt -by the way, his real name was Elieser ben Gabriel- (born at Plungė, Lithuania December 17, 1871; died in London, England April 18, 1950) was a German Jewish writer and translator. He translated the Babylonian Talmud into German, he was an eminent Orientalist and scholar of Judaism. He studied at various yeshivoth and German universities before settling in Berlin to take up his scholarly activities.

Publication of the Talmud in German–which took 25 years to complete, with the final volume appearing in the Netherlands owing to the rise of the Nazi regime in 1933–is considered of great importance to scholars who hitherto were unable to study the Talmudic volumes in unexpurgated editions. Dr. Goldschmidt also published translations of the Koran and made numerous studies of Ethiopic literature.

Links with more info about him:

And now the links of the nine volumes of his translation of the Talmud Bavli into German (some descriptions are written on Spanish). The books are written on German and Hebrew.

Volumen 1
(Zweite, vielfach berichtigte Auflage/ the second book in some corrected editions)
Berakhoth, Mišnah, Zeraîm, Šabbath
Sección 1: Seder Zeraîm (orden de las semillas) índice completo 48/804
Berakhoth 71/804
Peah 311/804
Demaj 320/804
Kilajim 327/804
Sebiith 337/804
Terumoth 349/804
Maasroth 362/804
Maaser Seni 368/804
Halla 376/804
Orla 381/804
Bikkurim 385/804
Sección 2: Seder Moêd (orden de los festivales) índice completo 57/804
Sabbath 393/804
Listado de explicación de términos más utilizados 790/804
Listado de citas bíblicas 791/804
Enmiendas 799/804
Índice 800/804

Volumen 2
Êrubin, Pesahim, Joma
Sección 2: Seder Moêd (orden de los festivales) índice completo 13/1084
Êrubin 39/1084
Pesahim 377/1084
Joma 787/1084
Listado de palabras y frases 1071/1084
Listado de citas bíblicas 1072/1084
Enmiendas 1079/1084
Índice 1080/1084

Volumen 3
Sukkah, Jom-Tob (Beça), Roš-Hašanah, Tânith, Megilla, Moêd-Qatan, Hagiga, Šeqalim
Sección 2: Seder Moêd (orden de los festivales) índice completo 13/938
Sukkah 29/938
Jom-Tob (Beça) 193/938
Roš-Hašanah 317/938
Tânith 435/938
Megilla 561/938
Moêd-Qatan 703/938
Hagiga 813/938
Šeqalim 875/938
Listado de palabras y frases 921/938
Listado de citas bíblicas 922/938
Enmiendas 931/938
Índice 932/938

Volumen 4, parte 1
Jabmuth, Kethuboth, Nedarim
Sección 3: Seder Našim (orden de las mujeres o esposas) índice completo 15/508
Jabmuth 47/508

Volumen 4, parte 2
Kethuboth 11/578
Nedarim 391/578
Listado de palabras y frases 565/578
Listado de citas bíblicas 566/578
Enmiendas 571/578
Índice 572/578

Volumen 5
Nazir, Sota, Gittin, Qiddušin
Sección 3: Seder Našim (orden de las mujeres o esposas) índice completo 13/1056
Nazir 45/1056
Sota 205/1056
Gittin 405/1056
Qiddušin 735/1056
Listado de palabras y frases 1052/1056
Listado de citas bíblicas 1043/1056
Enmiendas 1051/1056
Índice 1052/1056

Volumen 6
Baba Qamma, Baba Meçiâ, Baba Bathra
Sección 4: Seder Neziqin (orden de los daños) índice completo 13/1472
Baba Qamma 51/1472
Baba Meçiâ 507/1472
Baba Bathra 967/1472
Listado de palabras y frases 1461/1472
Listado de citas bíblicas 1462/1472
Enmiendas 1467/1472
Índice 1468/1472

Volumen 7, parte 1
Synhedrin, Makkoth, Šebuôth, Âboda-zara, Horajoth, Êdijoth, Aboth
Sección 4: Seder Neziqin (orden de los daños) índice completo 13/554
Synhedrin 39/554

Volumen 7, parte 2
Makkoth 9/692
Šebuôth 107/692
Âboda-zara 289/692
Horajoth 545/692
Êdijoth 615/692
Aboth 645/692
Listado de palabras y frases 673/692
Listado de citas bíblicas 675/692
Enmiendas 687/692
Índice 688/692

Volumen 8
Zebahim, Menahoth, Holin
Sección 5: Seder Qodašim (orden de las cosas santas) índice completo 13/1332
Zebahim 43/1332
Menahoth 447/1332
Holin 843/1332
Listado de palabras y frases 1319/1332
Listado de citas bíblicas 1320/1332
Enmiendas 1327/1332
Índice 1328/1332

Volumen 9
Bekhoroth, Ârakhin, Temura, Kerethoth, Meîla, Tamid, Middoth, Qinnim, Nidda, Kelim, Ahiluth, Negaîm, Para, Taharuth, Miqvaóth, Makhširin, Zabim, Tebul Jom, Jadajim, Ûqçin
Sección 5: Seder Qodašim (orden de las cosas santas) índice completo 1248/1262
Bekhoroth 1208/1262
Ârakhin 1004/1262
Temura 876/1262
Kerethoth 756/1262
Meîla 616/1262
Tamid 564/1262
Middoth 534/1262
Qinnim 518/1262
Sección 6: Seder Taharuth (orden de la purificación) índice completo 1226/1262
Nidda 508/1262
Kelim 252/1262
Ahiluth 193/1262
Negaîm 159/1262
Para 127/1262
Taharuth 104/1262
Miqvaóth 81/1262
Makhširin 62/1262
Zabim 49/1262
Tebul Jom 38/1262
Jadajim 31/1262
Ûqçin 22/1262
Listado de palabras y frases 15/1262
Listado de citas bíblicas 14/1262
Enmiendas 8/1262
Índice 7/1262

babylonian talmud on German

Jerusalem Talmud on French

Jerusalem Talmud

This version on French was translated by Moïses Schwab.

Who is Moïses Schwab?
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“Moïse Schwab (Paris, September 18, 1839 – 1918) was a French librarian and author.”

“He was educated at the Jewish school and the Talmud Torah at Strasburg. From 1857 to 1866 he was secretary to Salomon Munk; then for a year he was official interpreter at the Paris court of appeals; and from 1868 was librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale. In 1880 he was sent by the minister of public instruction to Bavaria and Württemberg to make investigations with regard to early Hebrew printing-presses.”

“His most important work is Le Talmud de Jérusalem, which was commenced in 1867 or 1868, before the appearance of Zecharias Frankel’s Introduction or of the special dictionaries of the Talmud. The first part appeared in 1871 and was well received, although the critics did not spare Schwab. He then sought the cooperation of the leading Talmudists; but he was unsuccessful and had to complete the work alone.”

Here is a link where you can find the whole collection on one .pdf file

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And we have also the books available on

Content of vol. 0.
Popular and vulgar ideas, spread on the Talmud (13 of 182)
Historical origin and its formation (18 of 182)
Basic content, analysis of its various parts (27 of 182)
Persecution experienced, secular oppression (56 of 182)
Talmudic manuscripts of the great libraries, different editions (64 of 182)
Comments and summaries (70 of 182)
First project of the translation of the Talmud in France (75 of 182)
Difficulty of the language (79 of 182)
Extent of this work (85 of 182)
Conclusion (90 of 182)
An index of all issues discused on the eleven volumes (99 of 182)
An index of the proper names (141 of 182)
A directory of biblical passages (157 of 182)
Greek and Latin words (178 of 182)

Now the list of books and links:
Vol. 1. Traité des Berakhoth.-
Berakhoth version Jerusalem with 9 chapters, begins in 91/656
Berakhoth version Babylon with 9 chapters, begins in 310/656

Vol. 2. Traités Péa, Demai, Kilaim, Schebiith.-
Vol. 3. Traités Troumoth, Maasseroth, Maasser shéni, Halla, ‘Orla, Biccurim.-
Péa with 8 chapters, begins in 21/864
Demai with 7 chapters, begins in 140/864
Kilaim with 9 chapters, begins in 242/864
Schebiith with 10 chapters, begins in 325/864
Troumoth with 11 chapters, begins in 461/864
Maasseroth with 5 chapters, begins in 597/864
Maasser Shéni with 5 chapters, begins in 655/864
Halla with 4 chapters, begins in 722/864
‘Orla with 3 chapters, begins in 773/864
Biccurim with 3 chapters, begins in 817/864

Vol. 4. Traités Schabbath et ‘Eroubin.-
Vol. 5. Traités Pesahim, Yôma et Scheqalim.-
Schabbath with 24 chapters, begins in 15/668
‘Eroubin with 10 chapters, begins in 207/668
Pesahim with 10 chapters, begins in 331/668
Yoma with 8 chapters, begins in 485/668
Scheqalim with 8 chapters, begins in 589/668

Vol. 6. Traités Soucca, Rosch ha-schana, Beça, Taanith, Meghilla, Haghiga, Moëd qaton.-
Vol. 7. Traités Yehamoth et Sota.-
Soucca with 5 chapters, begins in 11/728
Rosch ha-schana with 4 chapters, begins in 62/728
Beça with 5 chapters, begins in 111/728
Taanith with 4 chapters, begins in 151/728
Meghilla with 4 chapters, begins in 208/728
Haghiga with 3 chapters, begins in 267/728
Moëd Qaton with 3 chapters, begins in 314/728
Yebamoth with 16 chapters, begins in 371/728
Sota with 9 chapters, begins in 592/728

Vol. 8. Traités Kethouboth, Nedarim, Guittin.-
Vol. 9. Traités Guitin (fin), Nazir, Qiddouschin.-
Kethouboth with 13 chapters, begins in 11/622
Nedarim with 11 chapters, begins in 169/622
Guitin (part 1) with the first 3 chapters, begins in 261/622
Guitin (part 2) with the remaining 6 chapters, begins in 315/622
Nazir with 9 chapters, begins in 398/622
Qiddouschin with 4 chapters, begins in 507/622

Vol. 10. Traités Baba Qamma, Baba Mecia’ Baba Bathra, Sanhédrin (I-VI)-
Vol. 11. Traités Sanhédrin (fin), Makkoth, Schebouoth, Aboda Zara, Horaïoth, Niddah
Baba Qama with 10 chapters, begins in 11/632
Baba Mecia’ with 10 chapters, begins in 94/632
Baba Bathra with 10 chapters, begins in 168/632
Sanhedrin (part 1) with the first 6 chapters, begins in 237/632
Sanhedrin (part 2) with the remaining 5 chapters, begins in 315/632
Makkoth with 3 chapters, begins in 389/632
Schebouoth with 8 chapters, begins in 411/632
Abôda Zara with 5 chapters, begins in 490/632
Horaïoth with 3 chapters, begins in 560/632
Niddah with 4 chapters, begins in 596/632

All the books include an alphabetical table of contents, a list of names of places, a list of concordance with biblical verses, and a list of proper names.Talmud_de_Jerusalén_en_francés

The Bible Unearthed, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman

Who is Israel Finkelstein?

Who is Neil Asher Silberman?

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On English:

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On Arabic:

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La biblia platense, de Juan Straubinger – 1950

A continuación presentaremos enlaces a la biblia traducida por Juan Straubinger.

Los testamentos que se muestran por separado corresponden a imágenes escaneadas de la primera edición (al menos así las describen en los enlaces).
antiguo testamento

Click to access Santa-Biblia-Straubinger-Antiguo-Testamento.pdf

nuevo testamento

Click to access Santa-Biblia-Straubinger-Nuevo-Testamento.pdf

Este enlace incluye ambos testamentos, en .pdf navegable

Click to access Sagrada%20Biblia%20Straubinger%2007.pdf

Pueden ver más acerca de Juan Straubinger en los siguientes enlaces:

la biblia platense o de juan straubinger