What I’ve learnt today, April the 8th

Ok, there goes my story.

What I’ve learnt today:
1) The rosary 150 consists on 150 prayers to God Our Lady with NO INTERRUPTIONS.
2) To err is human: I’m putting back the phrase “Holy art Thou among women.”

This morning, I took the bus to go to work (I don’t have a car, by the way), and I sat next to a christian young man, he was reading his bible, on the book of acts, I don’t remember precisely which chapter he was reading. Anyway, I decided to pray one rosary 150, Guatemala is a country that promotes “freedom of religion” (anything but Catholicism), so I took my counting device and began to pray 150 uninterrupted prayers to God Our Lady… This young man became a little bit surprised of what I was doing, probably he never saw a man praying in the way old grannies used to do more than 20 years ago. He tried to stay focused on his lecture, then he covered his bible so I wouldn’t be able to see it.

For 20 minutes he pretended to be reading. Then, I realized he was keeping an eye on me, trying to figure out what I was praying. After that, he began to pray to his deity, but maybe for 5 minutes only, he got tired at the end. When I had maybe 15 prayers left, he tried to interrupt me, by asking me to tell him the hour. Instead of responding him, I pointed to another man to ask him for the time, without interrupting my rosary 150. He failed on interrupting my duty, he seemed to be upset about it. The special thing is that I put back the phrase “Holy art Thou among women” (Santa eres entre todas las mujeres) to my prayers, so I realized I should not had removed it, in a very simple and elegant way.

“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.”


Catholic Insignia


My first defense “face-to-face” of my Catholic Faith

I would like to thank Fatima Movement, http://www.fatimamovement.com/ because there is a lot of material available on their website that will help you to understand why the bible is a anticatholic book and how christiany is full of anticatholical beliefs, designed and developed to divide and conquer the souls of those unaware of it, those are persuaded by preachers who openly o covertly work to erradicate catholicism from the face of earth.

I wanna tell you how I defended for the first time my catholic faith against a christian dude, about 2 months ago. Everything started with the annoying need the have for justifying their biblemania and how they insist on it, making people agree with them.

That day I had to deal with a guy who eagerly wanted me to accept his “lord” and his “jesus”. After reminding what I’ve learnt on the Fatima Movement, I asked him “which jesus are you talking about?” His face changed suddenly, he told me “there is only one jesus”. I answered that it’s not that way, there are two: God Jesus Christ and jesus of nazareth: one is the True God and the other is “a son of god”. I explained him that as long we have the Catholic Faith, there won’t be any “end of the world”, Heaven and “kingdom of heaven” are different things, that the True God has a father (God Holy Ghost) and a mother (God Our Lady). He ignored those things, because his bible says so. Then I requested him to ask his preacher why the books of Esdras 3 and Esdras 4 are not included in his Reina Valera bible 1960 version, but on the 1531 and 1602 he could find those. He replied me with a question: “what is written on those books?” I said that he could find the second part of the apocalypse in there. He insisted I was lying.

The discussion got to the key point when he said that jesus of nazareth went down to hell to receive the keys of authority. I answered him “authority for what?” As you are fully awared of, on your bible, on the book of apocalypse is written that Apolion got the keys of abyss, and apolion is a destroyer (conclusion: jesus of nazareth is a satanic character).” He realized he has no place to go and couldn’t use another argument to fight back, returned the conversation to the point that he was promoting a message of salvation. I realized that arguing with a christian is as effective as arguing with a drunk man.

Then I asked him why his god has so many names, but he is invoked with the generic word “lord”. And if he believes that Jesus Christ is God (actually this dude avoided to use the term “Jesus Christ”, he always talked about the lord jesus) why he refuses to openly proclaim it. He continuously avoided to answer those questions.

After saying good-bye, I realized that the biblical scam is really really huge. It will take time to convince the christians that they worship Yahweh-Satan.

Once again I would like to thank Santo Condestável for the design of the new insignia we are using on this blog.

Catholic Insignia

Designs provided by Santo Condestável

In rosariofatima.wordpress.com we would like to thank Santo Condestável, he has made a wonderful job with theses designs.

This is the Catholic Insignia

Catholic Insignia
The Catholic Trinity portrayed in the Catholic Insignia

And for those who can see the differences between God Our Lady and bitter mary, I hope this can help you.

God Our Lady and bitter mary are not the same
God Our Lady and bitter mary are not the same, don’t be deceived.


Catholicism for absolute beginners, Lesson 2: Damiano’s cross is heretical, part 01

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An special request to God Jesus Christ

ask for forgiveness