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the egyptian 10 commandments

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ginsburg and his masterpiece

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Innocent III about the bible

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The Mosaic Law according to the jews

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Jerusalem Talmud on French

Jerusalem Talmud

This version on French was translated by Moïses Schwab.

Who is Moïses Schwab?
Links about this guy:

“Moïse Schwab (Paris, September 18, 1839 – 1918) was a French librarian and author.”

“He was educated at the Jewish school and the Talmud Torah at Strasburg. From 1857 to 1866 he was secretary to Salomon Munk; then for a year he was official interpreter at the Paris court of appeals; and from 1868 was librarian at the Bibliothèque Nationale. In 1880 he was sent by the minister of public instruction to Bavaria and Württemberg to make investigations with regard to early Hebrew printing-presses.”

“His most important work is Le Talmud de Jérusalem, which was commenced in 1867 or 1868, before the appearance of Zecharias Frankel’s Introduction or of the special dictionaries of the Talmud. The first part appeared in 1871 and was well received, although the critics did not spare Schwab. He then sought the cooperation of the leading Talmudists; but he was unsuccessful and had to complete the work alone.”

Here is a link where you can find the whole collection on one .pdf file

Click to access Schwab_TalmudJerusalem.pdf

And we have also the books available on archive.org

Content of vol. 0.
Link: https://archive.org/details/letalmuddejrus00schw
Popular and vulgar ideas, spread on the Talmud (13 of 182)
Historical origin and its formation (18 of 182)
Basic content, analysis of its various parts (27 of 182)
Persecution experienced, secular oppression (56 of 182)
Talmudic manuscripts of the great libraries, different editions (64 of 182)
Comments and summaries (70 of 182)
First project of the translation of the Talmud in France (75 of 182)
Difficulty of the language (79 of 182)
Extent of this work (85 of 182)
Conclusion (90 of 182)
An index of all issues discused on the eleven volumes (99 of 182)
An index of the proper names (141 of 182)
A directory of biblical passages (157 of 182)
Greek and Latin words (178 of 182)

Now the list of books and links:
Vol. 1. Traité des Berakhoth.-
Berakhoth version Jerusalem with 9 chapters, begins in 91/656
Berakhoth version Babylon with 9 chapters, begins in 310/656

Vol. 2. Traités Péa, Demai, Kilaim, Schebiith.-
Vol. 3. Traités Troumoth, Maasseroth, Maasser shéni, Halla, ‘Orla, Biccurim.-
Péa with 8 chapters, begins in 21/864
Demai with 7 chapters, begins in 140/864
Kilaim with 9 chapters, begins in 242/864
Schebiith with 10 chapters, begins in 325/864
Troumoth with 11 chapters, begins in 461/864
Maasseroth with 5 chapters, begins in 597/864
Maasser Shéni with 5 chapters, begins in 655/864
Halla with 4 chapters, begins in 722/864
‘Orla with 3 chapters, begins in 773/864
Biccurim with 3 chapters, begins in 817/864

Vol. 4. Traités Schabbath et ‘Eroubin.-
Vol. 5. Traités Pesahim, Yôma et Scheqalim.-
Schabbath with 24 chapters, begins in 15/668
‘Eroubin with 10 chapters, begins in 207/668
Pesahim with 10 chapters, begins in 331/668
Yoma with 8 chapters, begins in 485/668
Scheqalim with 8 chapters, begins in 589/668

Vol. 6. Traités Soucca, Rosch ha-schana, Beça, Taanith, Meghilla, Haghiga, Moëd qaton.-
Vol. 7. Traités Yehamoth et Sota.-
Soucca with 5 chapters, begins in 11/728
Rosch ha-schana with 4 chapters, begins in 62/728
Beça with 5 chapters, begins in 111/728
Taanith with 4 chapters, begins in 151/728
Meghilla with 4 chapters, begins in 208/728
Haghiga with 3 chapters, begins in 267/728
Moëd Qaton with 3 chapters, begins in 314/728
Yebamoth with 16 chapters, begins in 371/728
Sota with 9 chapters, begins in 592/728

Vol. 8. Traités Kethouboth, Nedarim, Guittin.-
Vol. 9. Traités Guitin (fin), Nazir, Qiddouschin.-
Kethouboth with 13 chapters, begins in 11/622
Nedarim with 11 chapters, begins in 169/622
Guitin (part 1) with the first 3 chapters, begins in 261/622
Guitin (part 2) with the remaining 6 chapters, begins in 315/622
Nazir with 9 chapters, begins in 398/622
Qiddouschin with 4 chapters, begins in 507/622

Vol. 10. Traités Baba Qamma, Baba Mecia’ Baba Bathra, Sanhédrin (I-VI)-
Vol. 11. Traités Sanhédrin (fin), Makkoth, Schebouoth, Aboda Zara, Horaïoth, Niddah
Baba Qama with 10 chapters, begins in 11/632
Baba Mecia’ with 10 chapters, begins in 94/632
Baba Bathra with 10 chapters, begins in 168/632
Sanhedrin (part 1) with the first 6 chapters, begins in 237/632
Sanhedrin (part 2) with the remaining 5 chapters, begins in 315/632
Makkoth with 3 chapters, begins in 389/632
Schebouoth with 8 chapters, begins in 411/632
Abôda Zara with 5 chapters, begins in 490/632
Horaïoth with 3 chapters, begins in 560/632
Niddah with 4 chapters, begins in 596/632

All the books include an alphabetical table of contents, a list of names of places, a list of concordance with biblical verses, and a list of proper names.Talmud_de_Jerusalén_en_francés

The Bible Unearthed, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman

Who is Israel Finkelstein?



Who is Neil Asher Silberman?



You can also read the entry of the aforementioned book on this link:


But, we recommend you to read the book, available on these links:

On English:


Click to access The_Bible_Unearthed__Archaeology__039_s_New_Vision_of_Ancient_Israel_and_the_Origin_of_Its_Sacred_Texts.pdf

On Arabic:

Click to access theBibleUnearthed.pdf



Las suras del Corán reordenadas / The suras of the Koran rearranged

El Corán se comprende mejor cuando se reordenan las suras cronológicamente.

The Koran is better understood when the suras are rearranged chronologically.

You can download this grid with more details from this link:

suras reordenadas del corán

La información del cuadro está disponible con mayor detalle en este enlace:

suras reordenadas del corán

Las versiones del corán en español utilizadas se encuentran en el siguiente enlace:



orden sugerido en árabe / on arabic Arabic title(s) en español otro nombre English title(s) origen número de aleyas es posterior a la sura de / it goes after: # en el corán/on the koran
1 سورة العلق Al-Alaq La sangre coagulada el cruor The Clinging Clot, Clot of Blood, The Germ-Cell mequinense 19 la primera sura del corán 96
2 سورة القلم Al-Qalam El cálamo el cálamo The Pen mequinense 52 el cruor 68
3 سورة المزمل Al-Muzzammil El arrebujado  el arrebujado The Enfolded One, The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up, The Enwrapped One mequinense 20 el cálamo 73
4 سورة المدثر Al-Muddathir El envuelto en un manto el enmantado The One Wrapped Up, The Cloaked One, The Man Wearing A Cloak, The Enfolded One mequinense 56 el arrebujado 74
5 الفاتحة Al-Fatiha La Fatiha la apertura The Opening mequinense 7 el enmantado 1
6 سورة المسد Al-Masad Las fibras el esparto The Plaited Rope, The Palm Fibre, The Twisted Strands mequinense 5 la apertura 111
7 سورة التكوير At-Takweer El obscurecimiento el arrollamiento The Folding Up, The Overthrowing, Shrouding in Darkness mequinense 29 el esparto 81
8 سورة الأعلى Al-A’la El Altísimo el altísimo The Most High, The All-Highest, Glory To Your Lord In The Highest mequinense 19 el arrollamiento 87
9 سورة الليل Al-Lail La noche la noche The Night mequinense 21 el altísimo 92
10 سورة الفجر Al-Fajr El alba la aurora The Break of Day, The Daybreak, The Dawn mequinense 30 la noche 89
11 سورة الضحى Ad-Dhuha La mañana la mañana The Glorious Morning Light, The Forenoon, Morning Hours, Morning Bright, The Bright Morning Hours mequinense 11 la aurora 93
12 سورة الشرح Al-Inshirah La abertura el sosiego The Expansion of Breast, Solace, Consolation, Relief, Patient, The Opening-Up of the Heart mequinense 8 la mañana 94
13 سورة العصر Al-Asr La tarde la era The Time, The Declining Day, The Epoch, The Flight of Time mequinense 3 el sosiego 103
14 سورة العاديات Al-Adiyat Los corceles los corceles corredores The Courser, The Chargers, The War Horse mequinense 11 la era 100
15 سورة الكوثر Al-Kawthar La abundancia la opulencia Abundance, Plenty, Good in Abundance mequinense 3 los corceles corredores 108
16 سورة التكاثر At-Takathur El afán de lucro la codicia The Piling Up, Rivalry in World Increase, Competition, Greed for More and More mequinense 8 la opulencia 102
17 سورة الماعون Al-Maa’oun La ayuda el azaque The Neighbourly Assistance, Small Kindnesses, Almsgiving, Assistance mequinense 7 la codicia 107
18 سورة الكافرون Al-Kafiroun Los infieles los incrédulos The Disbelievers, The Kafirs, Those Who Deny the Truth mequinense 6 el azaque 109
19 سورة الفيل Al-Feel El elefante el elefante The Elephant mequinense 5 los incrédulos 105
20 سورة الفلق Al-Falaq El alba la alborada The Daybreak, Dawn, The Rising Dawn mequinense 5 el elefante 113
21 سورة الناس Al-Nas Los hombres los humanos Mankind, Men mequinense 6 la alborada 114
22 سورة الإِخلاص Al-Ikhlas La fe pura la unicidad Purity of Faith, The Fidelity, The Declaration of [God’s] Perfection mequinense 4 los humanos 112
23 سورة النجم An-Najm La estrella la estrella The Star, The Unfolding mequinense 62 la unicidad 53
24 سورة عبس Abasa Frunció las cejas frunció el ceño He Frowned mequinense 24 la estrella 80
25 سورة القدر Al-Qadr El destino el decreto The Night of Honor, The Night of Decree, Power, Fate, Destiny mequinense 5 frunció el ceño 97
26 سورة الشمس Ash-Shams El sol el sol The Sun mequinense 15 el decreto 91
27 سورة البروج Al-Burooj Las constelaciones las constelaciones The Mansions Of The Stars, Constellations, The Great Constellations mequinense 22 el sol 85
28 سورة التين At-Teen Las higueras la higuera The Fig Tree, The Fig mequinense 8 las constelaciones 95
29 سورة قريش Quraysh Los coraixíes los quraixíes Quraysh mequinense 4 la higuera 106
30 سورة القارعة Al-Qaria La Calamidad el día espantoso The Striking Hour, The Great Calamity, The Stunning Blow, The Sudden Calamity mequinense 11 los quraixíes 101
31 سورة القيامة Al-Qiyama La Resurrección la resurrección Resurrection, The Day of Resurrection, Rising Of The Dead mequinense 40 el día espantoso 75
32 سورة الهمزة Al-Humaza El difamador el detractor The Scandalmonger, The Traducer, The Gossipmonger, The Slanderer mequinense 9 la resurrección 104
33 سورة المرسلات Al-Mursalat Los enviados los enviados Those Sent Forth, The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth mequinense 50 el detractor 77
34 سورة ق Qaf Qaf qaf Qaf mequinense 45 los enviados 50
35 سورة البلد Al-Balad La ciudad la metrópoli The City, The Land mequinense 20 qaf 90
36 سورة الطارق At-Tariq El astro nocturno el visitador nocturno The Night-Visitant, The Morning Star, The Nightcomer, That Which Comes in the Night mequinense 17 la metrópoli 86
37 سورة القمر Al-Qamar La luna la luna The Moon mequinense 55 el visitador nocturno 54
38 سورة ص Sad Sad çad Sad mequinense 88 la luna 38
39 سورة الأعراف Al-A’raf Los lugares elevados los ajarafes The Heights, The Faculty of Discernment mequinense 206 çad 7
40 سورة الجن Al-Jinn Los genios los genios The Spirits, The Unseen Beings mequinense 28 los ajarafes 72
41 سورة يس Yaseen Ya Sin ia sin Yaseen mequinense 83 los genios 36
42 سورة الفرقان Al-Furqan El Criterio el discernimiento The Criterion, The Standard, The Standard of True and False mequinense 77 ia sin 25
43 سورة فاطر Fatir Creador el originador The Originator mequinense 45 el discernimiento 35
44 سورة مريم Maryam María maría Mary mequinense 98 el originador 19
45 سورة طه Ta-Ha Ta Ha ta ha Ta-Ha mequinense 135 maría 20
46 سورة الواقعة Al-Waqi’a El acontecimiento el inevitable viento The Inevitable, The Event, That Which Must Come to Pass mequinense 96 ta ha 56
47 سورة الشعراء Ash-Shu’ara Los poetas los poetas The Poets mequinense 227 el inevitable evento 26
48 سورة النمل An-Naml Las hormigas las hormigas The Ant, The Ants mequinense 93 los poetas 27
49 سورة القصص Al-Qasas El relato la narración The Narrations, The Stories, The Story mequinense 88 las hormigas 28
50 سورة الإِسراء Al-Isra El viaje nocturno el viaje nocturno The Night Journey mequinense 111 la narración 17
51 سورة يونس Yunus Jonás jonás Jonah mequinense 109 el viaje nocturno 10
52 سورة هود Houd Hud hud Hud mequinense 123 jonás 11
53 سورة يوسف Yusuf José josé Joseph mequinense 111 hud 12
54 سورة الحجر Al-Hijr Al-Hichr petra The Rocky Tract, The Stoneland, The Rock City, Al-Hijr mequinense 99 josé 15
55 سورة الأنعام Al-An’am Los rebaños el ganado The Cattle mequinense 165 petra 6
56 سورة الصافات As-Saffat Los puestos en fila los alineados Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn Up In Ranks, Those Ranged in Ranks mequinense 182 el ganado 37
57 سورة لقمان Luqman Luqmán el prudente Luqman mequinense 34 los alineados 31
58 سورة سبأ Saba Los saba la ciudad de saba Sheba mequinense 54 el prudente 34
59 سورة الزمر Az-Zumar Los grupos los tropeles The Crowds, The Troops, Throngs mequinense 75 la ciudad de saba 39
60 سورة غافر Ghafir Que perdona el remisorio The Forgiver (God), Forgiving mequinense 85 los tropeles 40
61 سورة فصلت Fussilat Han sido explicadas detalladamente las detalladas Expounded, Explained In Detail, Clearly Spelled Out mequinense 54 el remisorio 41
62 سورة الشورى Ash-Shura La consulta el concilio The Consultation mequinense 53 las detalladas 42
63 سورة الزخرف Az-Zukhruf El lujo los ornamentos de oro The Gold Adornments, The Ornaments of Gold, Luxury, Gold mequinense 89 el concilio 43
64 سورة الدخان Ad-Dukhan El humo la humareda The Smoke mequinense 59 los ornamentos de oro 44
65 سورة الجاثية Al-Jathiya La arrodillada la prosternada The Kneeling Down, Crouching mequinense 37 la humareda 45
66 سورة الأحقاف Al-Ahqaf Al-Ahcaf las dunas Winding Sand-tracts, The Dunes, The Sand-Dunes mequinense 35 la prosternada 46
67 سورة الذاريات Adh-Dhariyat Los que aventan los vientos diseminadores The Wind That Scatter, The Winnowing Winds, The Dust-Scattering Winds mequinense 60 las dunas 51
68 سورة الغاشية Al-Ghashiyah La que cubre el evento abrumador The Overwhelming Event, The Overshadowing Event, The Pall mequinense 26 los vientos diseminadores 88
69 سورة الكهف Al-Kahf La caverna la caverna The Cave mequinense 110 el evento abrumador 18
70 سورة النحل An-Nahl Las abejas las abejas The Honey Bees, The Bee mequinense 128 la caverna 16
71 سورة نوح Nouh Noé noé Noah mequinense 28 las abejas 71
72 سورة إِبراهيم Ibraheem Abraham abrahán Abraham mequinense 52 noé 14
73 سورة الأنبياء Al-Anbiya Los profetas los profetas The Prophets mequinense 112 abrahán 21
74 سورة المؤمنون Al-Mu’minoon Los creyentes los creyentes The Believers mequinense 118 los profetas 23
75 سورة السجدة As-Sajda La adoración la adoración The Prostration, Worship, Adoration mequinense 30 los creyentes 32
76 سورة الطور At-Tour El monte el monte The Mount, Mount Sinai mequinense 49 la adoración 52
77 سورة الملك Al-Mulk El dominio el reino The Dominion, Sovereignty, Control mequinense 30 el monte 67
78 سورة الحاقة Al-Haqqa La Inevitable la infalible The Sure Reality, The Laying-Bare of the Truth mequinense 52 el reino 69
79 سورة المعارج Al-Ma’aarij Las gradas las vías de elevación The Ways of Ascent, The Ascending Stairways mequinense 44 la infalible 70
80 سورة النبأ An-Naba’ La Noticia la noticia The Great News, The Announcement, The Tiding mequinense 40 las vías de elevación 78
81 سورة النازعات An-Nazi’at Los que arrancan los incautadores Those Who Tear Out, Those Who Drag Forth, Soul-snatchers, Those That Rise mequinense 46 la noticia 79
82 سورة الانفطار Al-Infitar La hendidura la hendidura The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart mequinense 19 los incautadores 82
83 سورة الانشقاق Al-Inshiqaq El desgarrón la grieta The Rending Asunder, The Sundering, Splitting Open, The Splitting Asunder mequinense 25 la hendidura 84
84 سورة الروم Ar-Roum Los bizantinos los griegos The Romans, The Byzantines mequinense 60 la grieta 30
85 سورة العنكبوت Al-Ankabut La araña la araña The Spider mequinense 69 los griegos 29
86 سورة المطففين Al-Mutaffifeen Los defraudadores los mermadores The Dealers in Fraud, Defrauding, The Cheats, Those Who Give Short Measure mequinense 36 la araña 83
87 سورة البقرة Al-Baqara La vaca la vaca The Calf, The Cow medinense 286 primer sura medinense 2
88 سورة الأنفال Al-Anfal El botín los trofeos The Spoils of War medinense 75 la vaca 8
89 سورة آل عمران Al Imran La familia de Imran la familia de imran The Family of Imran, The House of ‘Imrán medinense 200 los trofeos 3
90 سورة الأحزاب Al-Ahzab La coalición los conjurados The Clans, The Confederates, The Combined Forces medinense 73 la familia de imran 33
91 سورة الممتحنة Al-Mumtahana La examinada la examinanda The Examined One, She That Is To Be Examined medinense 13 los conjurados 60
92 سورة النساء An-Nisa Las mujeres las mujeres The Women medinense 176 la examinanda 4
93 سورة الزلزلة Az-Zalzala El terremoto el terremoto The Earthquake medinense 8 las mujeres 99
94 سورة الحديد Al-Hadeed El hierro el hierro The Iron medinense 29 el terremoto 57
95 سورة محمد Muhammad Muhammad muhammad Muhammad medinense 38 el hierro 47
96 سورة الرعد Ar-Ra’d El trueno el trueno The Thunder medinense 43 muhammad 13
97 سورة الرحمن Ar-Rahman El Compasivo dios graciabilísimo The Most Merciful, The Most Gracious medinense 78 el trueno 55
98 سورة الإِنسان Al-Insan El hombre el hombre The Human, Man medinense 31 dios graciabilísimo 76
99 سورة الطلاق At-Talaq El repudio el divorcio Divorce medinense 12 el hombre 65
100 سورة البينة Al-Bayyina La prueba clara la evidencia The Clear Evidence, The Evidence of the Truth medinense 8 el divorcio 98
101 سورة الحشر Al-Hashr La reunión el destierro The Mustering, The Gathering, Exile, Banishment medinense 24 la evidencia 59
102 سورة النور An-Nour La luz la luz The Light medinense 64 el destierro 24
103 سورة الحج Al-Hajj La peregrinación la peregrinación The Pilgrimage medinense 78 la luz 22
104 سورة المنافقون Al-Munafiqoun Los hipócritas los hipócritas The Hypocrites medinense 11 la peregrinación 63
105 سورة المجادلة Al-Mujadila La discusión la litigante The Pleading, The Pleading Woman medinense 22 los hipócritas 58
106 سورة الحجرات Al-Hujurat Las habitaciones privadas los aposentos The Private Apartments, The Inner Apartments medinense 18 la litigante 49
107 سورة التحريم At-Tahreem La prohibición la veda The Prohibition medinense 12 los aposentos 66
108 سورة التغابن At-Taghabun El Engaño Mutuo la decepción recíproca The Cheating, The Mutual Disillusion, The Mutual Loss and Gain, Loss and Gain medinense 18 la veda 64
109 سورة الصف As-Saff La fila los enfilados The Ranks, Battle Array medinense 14 la decepción recíproca 61
110 سورة الجمعة Al-Jumu’aa El viernes la asamblea del viernes The Congregation, Friday medinense 11 los enfilados 62
111 سورة الفتح Al-Fath La victoria la victoria The Victory, Conquest medinense 29 la asamblea del viernes 48
112 سورة المائدة Al-Ma’ida La mesa servida la mesa servida The Food, The Repast, The Table medinense 120 la victoria 5
113 سورة التوبة At-Tawba El arrepentimiento el arrepentimiento The Repentance medinense 129 la mesa servida 9
114 سورة النصر An-Nasr El auxilio el socorro The Help, Divine Support, Victory, Succour medinense 3 el arrepentimiento 110

El Corán en español

El Corán, many versions on Spanish.


Los invitamos a que completen su biblioteca con las siguientes versiones del Corán:

El corán con texto en árabe y traducción al español

El corán, versión castellana de Julio Cortés

Traducción comentada de El Corán

Translation of the Meanings of THE QURAN in the Spanish Language (Es la misma de Abdel Ghani Melara, citada al final)

El Corán traducido por Abboud

Tradución del Árabe y Comentarios
Muhammad Asad

El Corán y su Traducción del significado por Abdel Ghani Melara (más de 100 megas)
http://noblecoran.com/index.php/libros/item/el-noble-coran-y-su-traduccion-del-significado-por-abdel-ghani-melarael corán

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Onomastica Sacra, by Paul de Lagarde

Who is Paul de Lagarde?

Paul Anton de Lagarde (2 November 1827 – 22 December 1891) was a German polymath, biblical scholar and orientalist. He has been cited as one of the greatest orientalists of the 19th century… Lagarde was an active worker in a variety of subjects and languages; but his chief aim, the elucidation of the Bible, was almost always kept in view. Lagarde was easily the most renowned Septuagint scholar of the nineteenth century, and he devoted himself ardently to Oriental studies.

Links of his bio:





Well, he wrote a lot, but we need to focus on one of his books, Onomastica Sacra.



Index of the .pdf file (it includes 2 books):

The foreword, which includes the lists of names compiled and compared on these 2 books (very useful for the explanatios of the second book)
Page 12/485

First book:

Hieronymi liber interpretationis hebraicorum nominum (the book of the interpretations of the names, by Jerome)
Linked to the biblical verse you can find one word on particular; or with a explanation of where you can find that word on other lists.
Page 16/485
Sorted by biblical book, then alphabetically.

Hieronymi de situ et nominibus locorum hebraicorum liber (the book of the names of places, by Jerome; meaning is not always included)
Linked to the biblical verse you can find one word on particular; or with a explanation of where you can find that word on other lists.
Page 97/485
Sorted alphabetically, then by biblical book.

List of the names in Greek, by Eusebius of Cesarea.
Linked to the biblical verse you can find one word on particular; or with a explanation of where you can find that word on other lists.
Page 176/485

The book of the interpretations of the names: a further explanation of the previous Latin text, written on Greek.
Arranged by greek letters, then by pages on the aforementioned Latin text.
Page 222/485

Here begins the second book: 320/485

Comparisons among the lists described on the foreword, referencing the page and the line of the first book (a tip: page 1 of the first book is the page 16/465 of this .pdf file). It begins on Page 379/485

Alphabetical index of the words, on Latin.
referencing the page and the line of the first book…
Page 379/485

Alphabetical index of the words, on Greek.
referencing the page and the line of the first book…
Page 416/485

The list of verses, sorted by book, referencing the page and the line of the first book… Very useful when looking for the many names included on one particular verse. This list includes Esdras III, Barnabas and extrabiblical writings included on book 1.
Page 448/485

Paul de Lagarde

Philo of Alexandria (Philo Judæus) and his works


Check the next links for more information about him:

His works:
There are some links:

We also have the link of four books (in case you have no access the two links above.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volumen 4

Contents of the 4 books:
Volume 1:
1.01 On the creation of the world.
1.02 On the allegories of the sacred laws.
1.03 On the cherubim; and on the flaming sword; and on the first-born child of man, Cain.
1.04 On Cain and his birth.
1.05 On the sacrifices of Abel and Cain.
1.06 On the principle that the worse is accustomed to be always plotting against the better.
1.07 On the posterity of Cain.
1.08 On the giants.
1.09 On the unchangeableness of god.
1.10 On the tilling of the Earth by Noah.
1.11 About the planting of Noah.
1.12 On drunkenness.
1.13 On sobriety.

volume 2:
2.01 On the confusion of languages.
2.02 On the migration of Abraham.
2.03 On the question, who is the heir of divine things.
2.04 On the meeting for the sake of receiving instruction.
2.05 On fugitives.
2.06 On the question why certain names in the holy scriptures are changed.
2.07 On the doctrine that dreams are sent from god, book I.
2.08 On the doctrine that dreams are sent from god, book II.
2.09 On the life of the wise mean made perfect by instruction; or, on the unwritten law, that is to say, on Abraham.
2.10 On the life of a man occupied with affairs of state; or, on Joseph.

Volume 3
3.01 On the life of Moses, that is to say, on the theology and prophetic office of Moses, Book I.
3.02 On the life of Moses, book II.
3.03 On the life of Moses, book III.
3.04 Concerning the ten commandments, which are the heads of the law.
3.05 On circumcision
3.06 On monarchy, book I.
3.07 On monarchy, book II.
3.08 On the question, what the rewards and honours are which belong to the priests.
3.09 On animals fit for sacrifice, or on victims.
3.10 On those who offer sacrifice.
3.11 On the commandment that the wages of a harlot are not to be received in the sacred treasury.
3.12 On the special laws which are referred to three articles of the decalogue, namely, the third, fourth, and fifth; about oaths, and the reverence due to them; about the holy sabbath; about the honour to be paid to parents.
3.13 To show that the festivals are ten in number.
3.14 On the festival of the basket of first-fruits.
3.15 On the honour commanded to be paid to parents.
3.16 On those special laws which are referrible to two commandments in the decalogue, the sixth and seventh, against adulterers and all lewd persons, and against murderers and all violence.
3.17 On those special laws which are contained under and have reference to the eighth, ninth, and tenth commandments.
3.18 On justice.
3.19 On the creation of magistrates.
3.20 On three virtues, that is to say, on courage, humanity, and repentance.
3.21 On rewards and punishments.
3.22 On curses.
3.23 On nobility.
3.24 To prove that every man who is virtuous is also free.

Volume 4
4.01 On a contemplative life; or on the virtues of suppliants.
4.02 On the incorruptibility of the world.
4.03 Against Flaccus.
4.04 On the virtues and on the office of ambassadors; addressed to Caius.
4.05 Concerning the world.
4.06 The fragments of the lost works.
4.07 Fragments extracted from the parallels of John of Damascus.
4.08 Fragments from a monkish manuscript.
4.09 Fragments preserved by Antonius.
4.10 Fragments from an anonymous collection in the Bodelain Library at Oxford.
4.11 Fragments from an unpublished manuscript in the Library of the French King.
4.12 A volume of questions, and solutions to those questions, which arise in Genesis.
4.13 Index to the four volumes.

MONOTHEISM and the WESTERN PATHOLOGY, by Dhirendra Nath Shastri


Even though it was written from a pro-eastern point of view, is a book that links the pagan roots of the abrahamic religions and their influence on capitalism and communism (especially the hidden jewish hand)

Remember: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

Here is the link to the book so you can download it.

MONOTHEISM and the western pathology

Index (first goes the page, then the title):

Part 1: Judaism
003 Judaism or the mosaic distinction
006 Atenism and the jewish tradition
009 The covenant of Israel and the “Promised Land”
012 The hebrews in Egypt: slaves or invaders?
015 The emergence of Yahwism-Adonism
017 The mount Sinai massacre and the mosaic deception
019 The Egyptian origin of the laws of Moses
031 The replacement cult
038 The god of Israel and the Sun-God Shamash
040 The ark of the god of Israel
042 The menorah
044 The pre-biblical design and function of the jewish temple
047 God Yahweh and his wife
049 The levite conspiracy
051 The monotheistic delusion
053 Angels and gods
054 God and the world
059 Idols vs the ark
060 From religion to counter-religion
060 Israel’s “holy war” as a manifestation of the abrahamic pathology
066 The first destruction of the temple and the failure of Israel
068 The mosaic distinction and the israelite guilt
079 The persian-israelite alliance
081 The zealots and the second destruction of the temple

Part 2: Christianity
087 Christianity and the clash of civilizations
090 Nag Hamadi: the truth revealed
091 Jesus and Joshua
096 Inventing Jesus
101 Joshua and the jewish dream
105 From Egypt to Rome
110 Conclusion

Part 3: Islam
117 Islam: the third replacement religion
120 The judaeo-christian origins of Islam
125 The self-made prophet
130 The rise of islam
132 The apologetic nature of the Koran
140 The myth of islamic civilization
148 Understanding islamic tactics
161 Islam and its unwitting allies

Part 4: Capitalism
167 Capitalism and global empire
168 The rise of capitalism and the decline of the peasantry
172 The rise of colonialism
173 The british empire
175 The East India Company and the British Raj
178 Resistance to empire
181 Financing an empire
187 The cultural backlash
192 The rise of european nationalism
194 Imagining the british-german conflict
196 The first world war (1914-1918)
198 The rise of German National Socialism
201 Nationalism vs communism
203 Marxism and the “jewish conspiracy”
213 National Socialism and anti-semitism
228 The second world war
244 Japan’s struggle against the west
247 The italian contribution
249 The aryan question
252 The New World Order
261 The capitalist-islamist alliance
269 US Capitalism and islam

Part 5: Communism
276 Communism or the new imperialism
285 Communism and democracy
288 The fraudulence of the russian revolution
294 The Great Terror
301 The missing millions
306 Communism’s “economic wonder”
312 The end of Stalinism
314 The Khruschev era
319 Afghanistan and the fall of the Soviet Empire
323 Gorbachev and the return to capitalism
329 Communism in China
334 Communism vs Nationalism
337 The fraudulence of Maoism
340 Mao’s war on farmers
345 The maoist war on religion
348 China’s return to capitalism
352 Maoism in India and Nepal
357 The capitalis-socialist-marxist conspiracy
374 Countryside vs City
379 Revolution and counter-revolution

The Book of the Words, by Albert Pike

If we are going to decode the bible, we need to use masonic sources, because everything is related.

Let’s begin introducing Albert Pike: (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Pike)
“Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) was an American attorney, Confederate officer, writer, and Freemason.”

“He first joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840 then had in the interim joined a Masonic Lodge and became extremely active in the affairs of the organization, being elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite‘s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859.[6] He remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the remainder of his life (a total of thirty-two years), devoting a large amount of his time to developing the rituals of the order.[10] Notably, he published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871, of which there were several subsequent editions.”

“Pike is still regarded in America as an eminent[11] and influential[12] Freemason, primarily only in the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.”

He wrote many works, including “The Book of the Words.”

“Here’s Pike at his best! Masonry is permeated with powerful symbolism-both verbal and pictorial-that arouses the mental, spiritual, and intellectual life of those who use them. This extremely interesting study, once limited to 150 copies, gives the correct spelling of, and analyzes all the “significant words” (pass words, etc.) in, the Scottish Rite from the 1st through 30th degrees inclusive. In addition to being an etymological dictionary Pike explains WHY any given word was chosen for a given degree thereby revealing THE HIDDEN SYMBOLISM OF EACH WORD. Illustrated and highly recommended!” (Source of the commentary: http://books.google.com.gt/books/about/The_Book_of_the_Words.html?id=KlLPjK9ETyoC&redir_esc=y)

You can download the book from the next links:


Click to access Albert_Pike_-_The_Book_Of_The_Words_raw.pdf


Here there are some highlights:






Introduction of the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible

Written by Christian David Ginsburg, 1897.

There are many links for this work, you can find it in one book, or in 2 books.

As one book, here is the link for download:
As two books, here are the links for download:

You can also read it on line:

It’s interesting to read these sections from Chapter IX, section 5 (the images were taken from the downloaded books):

viii. The Removal of Indelicate Expressions and Anthropomorphisms, &c, from the Text


ix. The Emendations of the Sopherim


x. Impious Expressions towards the Almighty


xi. The Safeguarding of the Tetragrammaton


 xii. The attempt to Remove the Application of the Names of False Gods to Jehovah