Born in blood, the lost secrets of freemasonry. By John J. Robinson.

“John J. Robinson (c.1918-1996) was an American author and historian, best known as the author of Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry, He is also credited as being the “founding visionary” of the Masonic Information Center run by the Masonic Service Association of North America.[1] He was a member of the Medieval Academy of America, the Organization of American Historians, and the Royal Over-Seas League of London.”[1]

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The book is divided in two parts, as follows:


CHAPTER 1: The Urge To Kill 3
CHAPTER 2: “For Now Is Tyme To Be War” 17
CHAPTER 3: “Whether Justly or Out of Hate” 37
CHAPTER 4: “First, and Above All … The Destruction of… the Hospitallers” 46
CHAPTER 5: The Knights of the Temple 63
CHAPTER 6: The Last Grand Master 79
CHAPTER 7: “The Hammer of the Scots” 99
CHAPTER 8: Four Vicars of Christ 116
CHAPTER 9: “Spare No Known Means of Torture” 127
CHAPTER 10: “No Violent Effusions of Blood” 144
CHAPTER 11: Men on the Run 159

Prologue 173
CHAPTER 12: The Birth of Grand Lodge 175
CHAPTER 13: In Search of the Medieval Guilds 188
CHAPTER 14: “To Have My Throat Cut Across” 201
CHAPTER 15: “My Breast Tom Open, My Heart Plucked Out” 210
CHAPTER 16: The Master Mason 215
CHAPTER 17: Mystery in Language 224
CHAPTER 18: Mystery in Allegory and Symbols 235
CHAPTER 19: Mystery in Bloody Oaths 246
CHAPTER 20: Mystery in Religious Convictions 255
CHAPTER 21: Evidence in the Legend of Hiram Abiff 269
CHAPTER 22: Monks into Masons 277
CHAPTER 23: The Protestant Pendulum 291
CHAPTER 24: The Manufactured Mysteries 305
CHAPTER 25: The Unfinished Temple of Solomon 325

Appendix: “Humanum Genus” 345
Bibliography 360
Index 366


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In the end both parties are lackeys of the masonic party.

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In the end both parties are lackeys of the masonic party. Now share it:

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Let’s pray against the 72 angels of Kabbalah

72 kabbalistic angels

Now we are ready to pray the Rosary 150 against the 72 angels of Kabbalah. Just after making the sign of the cross and praying the Fatima Prayer, repeat the following:

“Please God Our Lady, release the souls under the dominion of Va He Va Vehuiah (as a example) and the souls under the dominion of those who invoke that kabbalistic demon.”

Then pray the Rosary 150

Here is the list:

וָהֵוָ   ( Vav Hey Vav ) VaHeVa וָהֵוָיָה  VeHaVaYA Vehuaiah – 1. VEHUIAH

יֹלָיֹ ( Yod Lamed Yod ) YoLaYo יֹלָיֹאֵל YoLaYoEL Jeliel –2. YELIEL

סָיֹטֵ   ( Samech Yod Tet ) SaYoTe סָיֹטֵאֵל SaYoTeEL Sitael 3. SITAEL

עָלָמֵ (Ain Lamed Mem )  AlaMe עָלָמֵיָה ALaMeYa   Elemiah 4. ELEMIAH

מֵהֵשִ ( Mem Hey Shin ) MeHeShi מֵהֵשִיָה MeHeShiYA   Mahasiah -5. MAHASIAH

לָלָהֵ ( Lamed Lamed Hey ) LaLAHe לָלָהֵאֵל LaLaHe EL  Lelahel – 6. LEHALEL

אָכָאָ ( Alef Caf Alef ) ACaA אָכָאָיָה  AChaAYA Achaiah – 7. AHAIAH

כָהֵתָ  ( Caf Hey Tav ) CaHeTa כָהֵתָאֵל  ChHeTe EL Cahetel – 8. CAHETEL

הֵזָיֹ   ( Hey Zain Yod ) HeZaYo הֵזָיֹאֵל HeZaYo EL  Aziel – 9. HAZAYAEL

אָלָדַ ( Alef Lamed Dalet ) – ALaDa אָלָדַיָה ALaDaYA Aladiah – 10. ALADIAH

לָאָוָ ( Lamed Alef Vav ) LaAVa לָאָוָיָה LaAVaYA  Lauviah – 11. LAUVIAH

הֵהֵעָ ( hey hey ain ) – HeHeA הֵהֵעָיָה  HeHeAYA Hahaiah – 12. HEHAIA

יֹזָלָ ( yod zain lamed ) – YoZaLa יֹזָלָאֵל YoZaLaEL  Iezalel –13. YEZALEL

מֵבֵהֵ ( Mem Bet Hey ) – MeBeHe מֵבֵהֵאֵל MeBeHe EL Mebahel –14. MEBAHEL

הֵרֵיֹ  (hey resh yod) –- HeReYo הֵרֵיֹאֵל HeReYoEL Hariel – 15. HARIEL

הֵקֹמֵ ( Hey Kof Mem ) – HeKoMe. הֵקֹמֵיָה HeKoMeYA  Hakamiah – 16. HAKAMIAH

לָאָוָ ( Lamed Alef Vav ) LaAVa  לָאָוָיָה LaAVaYA  Lauviah – 17. LAVIAH

כָלָיֹ (Caf  Lamed Yod) CaLaYo  כָלָיֹאֵל  ChaLaYo EL  Caliel -18. CALIEL

לָוָוָ ( Lamed Vav Vav ) LaVaVa לָוָוָיָה LaVaVaYA  Leuviah -19. LEUVIAH

פֵהֵלָ   (Pey Hey Lamed ) PeHeLa   פֵהֵלָיָה PeHeLaYA  Pahaliah -20. PAHALIAH

נֻלָכָ ( Nun Lamed Caf ) NuLaCa  נֻלָכָאֵל NuLaCha EL Nelecael – 21. NELAKHEL

יֹיֹיֹ  ( Yod Yod Yod ) YoYoYo  יֹיֹיֹאֵל YoYoYo EL  Ieiael -22. YEYALEL

מֵלָהֵ ( Mem Lamed Hey ) MeLaHe מֵלָהֵאֵל  MeLaHe EL  Melahel – 23. MELAHEL

חֵהֵוָ ( Chet Hey Vav ) CheHeVa  ( Che as in Spanish )  חֵהֵוָיָה CheHeVaYA Hahuiah – 24. HAHEUIAH

נֻתָהֵ  ( Nun Tet Hey ) NuTaHe  נֻתָהֵיָה  NuTaHeYA Nith-Haiah – 25. NITHAHAIA

הֵאָאָ  ( Hey Alef Alef ) He A A  הֵאָאָיָה HeAAYA  Haaiah – 26. HAAIA

יֹרֵתָ ( yod resh tav ) YoReTa  יֹרֵתָאֵל YoReTaEL  Jerathel – 27. YERATHEL

שִאָהֵ  ( Shin Alef Hey ) ShiAHe  שִאָהֵיָה ShiAHeYA Seeiah – 28. SEHEIAH

רֵיֹיֹ  ( Resh Yod Yod ) ReYoYo  רֵיֹיֹאֵל ReYoYoEL  Reiiel – 29. REIYEL

אָוָמֵ ( Alef Vav Mem ) AVaMe  אָוָמֵאֵל AVaMe EL Omael – 30. OMAEL

לָכָבֵ ( lamed caf bet ) LaCaBe  לָכָבֵאֵל LaChaBe EL  Lecabel – 31. LECABEL

וָשִרֵ ( Vav Shin Rersh ) VaShiRe  וָשִרֵיָה VaShiReYA  Vasariah – 32. VASARIAH

יֹחֵוָ   (yod chet vav) – YoCheVa ( Ch like in Spanish ) יֹחֵוָיָה YoCheVaYA  Iehuiah – 33. YEHUIAH

לָהֵחֵ ( Lamed Hey Chet ) LaHeChe ( Ch like in Spanish )  לָהֵחֵיָה LaHeCheYA  Lehahiah – 34. LEHAHIAH

כָוָקֹ ( Caf Vav Kof ) CaVaKo  כָוָקֹיָה ChaVaKoYA Chevakiah -35. KHAVAKIAH

מֵנֻדַ (mem nun dallet) –  MeNuDe  מֵנֻדַאֵל MeNuDaEL Menadel – 36. MENADEL

אָנֻיֹ ( Alef Nun Yod )  ANuYo אָנֻיֹאֵל ANuYoEL  Aniel – 37. ANIEL

חֵעָמֵ ( Chet Ain Mem ) – CheAMe ( Ch like in Spanish ) חֵעָמֵיָה CheAMeYA Haamiah – 38. HAAMIAH

רֵהֵעָ (resh hey ain) – ReHeA  רֵהֵעָאֵל ReHeAEL Rehael – 39. REHAEL

יֹיֹזָ ( Yod Yod Zain ) –  YoYoZa יֹיֹזָאֵל YoYoTaEL Ieiazel – 40. YEIAZEL

הֵהֵהֵ ( Hey Hey Hey ) – HeHeHe הֵהֵהֵאֵל HeHeHe EL  Hahahel – 41. HAHEHEL

מֵיֹכָ ( Mem Yod Caf ) – MeYoCa מֵיֹכָאֵל MeYoChaEL Mikael – 42. MIKAEL

וָוָלָ ( Vav Vav Lamed ) – VaVaLa וָוָלָיָה VaVaLaYA Veualiah -43. VEULIAH

יֹלָהֵ ( Yod Lamed Hey ) – YoLeHe יֹלָהֵיָה YoLaHeYA  Ielahiah – 44. YELAHIAH

סָאָלָ ( Samech Alef Lamed ) – SaALa סָאָלָיָה SaALaYA Sealiah – 45. SEALIAH

עָרֵיֹ  ( Ain resh yod ) AReYo עָרֵיֹאֵל AReYoEL Ariel – 46. ARIEL

עָשִלָ ( Ain Shin Lamed ) – AshiLa עָשִלָיָה AShiLaYA Asaliah – 47. ASALIAH

מֵיֹהֵ ( Mem Yod Hey ) –  MeYoHe  מֵיֹהֵאֵל MeYoHEL Mihael – 48. MIHAEL

וָהֵוָ ( Vav Hey Vav ) – VaHeVa וָהֵוָאֵל VaHeVaEL  Vehuel – 49. VEHUEL

דַנֻיֹ ( Dalet nun yod ) – DaNuYo דַנֻיֹאֵל DaNuYoEL Daniel – 50. DANIEL

הֵחֵשִ ( Hey Chet Shin ) – HeCheShi ( Che pronouncing like in Spanish )   הֵחֵשִיָה HeCheShiYA Hahasiah – 51. HAHASIAH

עָמֵמֵ ( Ain Mem Mem ) –  AMeMe עָמֵמֵיָה AMeMEYA Imamiah – 52. IMAMIAH

נֻנֻאָ(Nun Nun Alef) – NuNuA נֻנֻאָאֵל NuNuAEL Nanael – 53. NANAEL

נֻיֹתָ ( Nun Yod Tav ) – NuYoTa  נֻיֹתָאֵל NuYoTaEL Nithael – 54. NITHAEL

מֵבֵהֵ ( Mem Bet Hey ) – MeBeHe  מֵבֵהֵיָה MeBeHeYA Mabaiah – 55. MEBAHIAH

פֵוָיֹ ( Pey Vav Yod ) – PeVaYo  פֵוָיֹאֵל PeVeYoEL Poiel – 56. POYEL

נֻמֵמֵ ( Nun Mem Mem ) – NuMeMe נֻמֵמֵיָה NuMeMeYA Nemmamiah – 57. NEMAMIAH

יֹיֹלָ ( Yod Yod Lamed ) – YoYoLa יֹיֹלָאֵל YoYoLaEL Ieialel – 58. YEIALEL

הֵרֵחֵ ( Hey Resh Chet ) – HeReChe ( Ch like in Spanish) הֵרֵחֵאֵל HeReChe-EL Harahel – 59. HARAHEL

מֵצָרֵ ( Mem Tzadik Resh ) – MeTzaRe  מֵצָרֵאֵל MeTzaRe-EL Mizrael -60. MITZRAEL

וָמֵבֵ ( Vav Mem Bet ) – VeMeBe וָמֵבֵאֵל VaMeBe-EL  Umabel – 61. UMABEL

יֹהֵהֵ ( Yod Hey Hey ) –  YoHeHe  יֹהֵהֵאֵל YoHeHe-EL Iah-hel – 62. IAH-HEL

עָנֻוָ ( Ain Nun Vav ) – AnuVa עָנֻוָאֵל ANuVaEL Anauel – 63. ANAUEL

מֵחֵיֹ (Mem Het Yod) – MeCheYo (Ch as in Spanish) מֵחֵיֹאֵל MeCheYoEL Mehiel – 64. MEHIEL

דַמֵבֵ (Dallet Mem Bet) – DaMeBe  דַמֵבֵיָה DaMeBeYA  Damabiah – 65. DAMABIAH

מֵנֻקֹ (Mem Nun Kof) – MeNuKo  מֵנֻקֹאֵל MeNuKoEL Manakel – 66. MENAKEL

אָיֹעָ  ( Alef Yod Ain ) –   AYoA  אָיֹעָאֵל AYoA-EL Iaiel – 67. EYAEL

חֵבֵוָ (Chet Bet Vav) –  CheBeVa ( Ch as in Spanish )  חֵבֵוָיָה CheBeVaYA  Chabuiah – 68. HABUIAH

רֵאָהֵ (Resh Alef Hey) – Re A He  רֵאָהֵאֵל ReAHe-EL Rochel – 69. REOHAEL

יֹבֵמֵ ( Yod Bet Mem ) –  YoBeMe  יֹבֵמֵיָה YoBeMeYA  Iabamiah – 70. YABAMIAH

הֵיֹיֹ ( Hey Yod Yod ) HeYoYo הֵיֹיֹאֵל  HeYoYoEL  Haiel – 71. HAYAYEL

מֵוָמֵ (Mem Vav Mem) – MeVaMe  מֵוָמֵיָה MeVaMeYA  Mumiah – 72. MUMIAH

72 names big size


Vengan de donde vengan, todos se vuelven francmasones

You can see the same story in every country. In the battle between Catholic Church vrs State, you should have chosen Catholic Church.


A la izquierda aparece el vicepresidente electo de Guatemala; a la derecha, su compañero de fórmula que hará de presidente.

títeres francmasones

Las instrucciones para rezar por ellos están en este enlace:

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La culpa es de la masonería

Cuando leí este artículo, me pareció haber encontrado muchas similitudes observables en todos los países. Disfruten la lectura y abran los ojos: los masones son los achichincles de los judíos, no existen los buenos masones: ellos atacan a la Iglesia Católica desde todos los frentes.

La culpa es de la masonería

Miembros de las diversas logias tienen su peso en los órganos de poder portuguesesEn el hospital más importante de Portugal anida la corrupción sistemática por culpa, entre otros, de la masonería.

Para cualquier español de cierta edad, la masonería —el contubernio judeo-masónico— era un fantasma terrible que agitaba Franco cuando quería meter miedo subido al balcón del Palacio Real; pero en Portugal las logias masónicas gozan de buena salud con importante presencia de sus militantes en los hilos que manejan el poder: banca; partidos políticos, de la derecha a la izquierda; profesiones (abogacía y medicina, principalmente); o cultura. Así que no ha sorprendido mucho que se cite específicamente a la masonería en el informe sobre el primer hospital del país donde se entrecruzan intereses públicos y privados de “grupos poderosos”; un hospital con “fuertes conflictos de intereses y actos en zonas oscuras o silenciadas, que se configuran como corrupción”, según las conclusiones del estudio, que aventura que la situación se puede repetir en otros centros sanitarios.

Pese a su fama oscurantista, la masonería portuguesa cultiva una imagen pública, a veces a su pesar, pues se exponen las rivalidades del Gran Oriente Lusitano (GOL) y la Gran Logia Legal de Portugal, a la que se añade desde hace 20 años la Gran Logia Femenina.

En Portugal, la masonería, aunque sea a título particular, suele estar donde pasa algo. En febrero, María Helena Carvalho dos Santos, exlíder del Gran Oriente Ibérico, solicitó formalmente la libertad del ex primer ministro José Sócrates, encarcelado desde noviembre. Por la cárcel de Évora han pasado en señal de solidaridad masones distinguidos y públicos, lo que, por otra parte, no ha evitado que Sócrates lleve medio año a la sombra.

El Gran Maestre de GOL, Fernando Lima, gusta decir que la masonería es un refugio espiritual, un espacio de debate y de perfeccionamiento ético. Niega la influencia de la masonería en la sociedad portuguesa, aunque no de la de sus buenos masones.


The Book of the Words, by Albert Pike

If we are going to decode the bible, we need to use masonic sources, because everything is related.

Let’s begin introducing Albert Pike: (source:
“Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) was an American attorney, Confederate officer, writer, and Freemason.”

“He first joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840 then had in the interim joined a Masonic Lodge and became extremely active in the affairs of the organization, being elected Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite‘s Southern Jurisdiction in 1859.[6] He remained Sovereign Grand Commander for the remainder of his life (a total of thirty-two years), devoting a large amount of his time to developing the rituals of the order.[10] Notably, he published a book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1871, of which there were several subsequent editions.”

“Pike is still regarded in America as an eminent[11] and influential[12] Freemason, primarily only in the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction.”

He wrote many works, including “The Book of the Words.”

“Here’s Pike at his best! Masonry is permeated with powerful symbolism-both verbal and pictorial-that arouses the mental, spiritual, and intellectual life of those who use them. This extremely interesting study, once limited to 150 copies, gives the correct spelling of, and analyzes all the “significant words” (pass words, etc.) in, the Scottish Rite from the 1st through 30th degrees inclusive. In addition to being an etymological dictionary Pike explains WHY any given word was chosen for a given degree thereby revealing THE HIDDEN SYMBOLISM OF EACH WORD. Illustrated and highly recommended!” (Source of the commentary:

You can download the book from the next links:

Click to access Albert_Pike_-_The_Book_Of_The_Words_raw.pdf

Here there are some highlights: