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the egyptian 10 commandments

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ginsburg and his masterpiece

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Innocent III about the bible

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The Mosaic Law according to the jews

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Introduction of the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible

Written by Christian David Ginsburg, 1897.

There are many links for this work, you can find it in one book, or in 2 books.

As one book, here is the link for download:
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It’s interesting to read these sections from Chapter IX, section 5 (the images were taken from the downloaded books):

viii. The Removal of Indelicate Expressions and Anthropomorphisms, &c, from the Text


ix. The Emendations of the Sopherim


x. Impious Expressions towards the Almighty


xi. The Safeguarding of the Tetragrammaton


 xii. The attempt to Remove the Application of the Names of False Gods to Jehovah



Who is Christian David Ginsburg?

“Christian David Ginsburg (25 December 1831 in Warsaw, Congress Poland (now Poland) – 7 March 1914 in Palmers Green, Middlesex, England) was a Polish-born, British Bible scholar and student of the masoretic tradition in Judaism. He was born to a Jewish family in Warsaw, converting to Christianity at the age of 15.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_David_Ginsburg

“Besides editions of the Song of Songs, 1857, and Ecclesiastes, 1861, he published essays on the Karaites, 1862; and Essenes, 1864; and a full account in English of the Cabala, 1865.He then devoted himself to Masoretic studies, publishing the text and translation of Elias Levita’s “Massoret ha-Massoret” in 1867, and of Jacob b. Hayyim’s “Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible” in the same year. He was elected a member of the Board of Revisers of the Old Testament in 1870, and devoted himself to the collation of all the extant remains of the Masorah, three volumes of which he published in 1880-86. Based upon these collations, he edited a new text of the Old Testament for the Trinitarian Bible Society, which was published in 1894 under the title “The Massoretico-Critical Text of the Hebrew Bible.” To this he wrote an introduction, published together with a volume of facsimiles of the manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, in 1897…”

Source: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/6680-ginsburg-christian-david

Even though he published some essays about some books of the bible, his main work is “The introduction to the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible.” We discuss it on the next post.

ginsburg and his masterpiece