The History of Our Lady’s Psalter, also known as Rosary 150

St Peter Insignia

Finally the history of the Rosary 150 is available to you. It’s been a hard job, but it was necessary, because the enemies of the Rosary wanted to water down its power. Our friends of have done a lot to promote this restored devotion we practice, and now you will find out why the original form was modified by the enemies of the Catholic Church.

This research is divided at least in 3 parts, each part has at least 2 chapters. Each part has many slides, each slide has its own explanations and the links of the sources.


First part: How the original prayer was distorted.

Chapter 1: The angelical salutation and its modifications: the first one, what does “Mary” really stand for?

Second part: How the prayer sequence was nullified.

Third part: How other methods of praying were promoted, and Our Lady’s Psalter fell into oblivion.

Stay tuned, because the results of this research will be published little by little.

This subject was previously presented on this post.

Rosario 150, Rosary 150, Santo Rosario Completo
An original Our Lady’s Psalterium

11 thoughts on “The History of Our Lady’s Psalter, also known as Rosary 150

  1. Rosariofatima…why do we say gratia plena instead of gracae plenae? I thought there was latin and liturgical latin. Or am I mistaken that this was something that the freemasons who infiltrated the vatican conspired to profess to confuse everyone who may be looking for the True Catholic dogmas/Faith/teachings.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done/accomplished and continue to strive in finding the True Catholic dogmas.

      • would you know what the portuguese word for grace is? what about mercy? every time I see gratia I always think of thanks….God Our Lady has many graces to bestow upon Her children…and I think you were on the right track several months back when you wrote Deum Jesum Christum Nostrum = Our God Jesus Christ….I use for God Our Lady…Deam Matronam Nostram.

      • would you know the portuguese word for grace… what about mercy? several months ago you wrote on the fatimamovement home page…Deum Jesum Christum Nostrum [Our God Jesus Christ]….I believe you were corrent in this formal name of the One True God of the Holy Catholic Trinity….I use Deam Matronam Nostram [God Our Lady]…..I don’t know the academic reason…I just do….I tried the Dominam Nostram….and got TERRIBLE results returning back to me….so I reverted back to Deam Matronam Nostram.

  2. what are the real prayers of her psalter rosary please tell and also where can I buy it at with the same rosary like hers pray tell . GOD BLESS THEE ALL

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